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1. Learn    2. Plan    3. Reflect    4. Advocate    5. Floor Plan

Reflection Option 1

Pose the question to participants: What will you be doing in 17 years. That is the typical length of time a refugee spends displaced. Show this 1-minute video, and then ask participants to reflect on what it would be like to be without a home for so long. What does the participant think he or she should do?

Further Discussion/Reflection Option 2

A second Ambassador at the Reflection station should continue to help the participants process what they have learned. The station can have quotes from Pope Francis and others about refugees. Quotes and photos could be enlarged and mounted.

Group Prayer/Reflection Option 3

CRS provides a Refugee_Vigil_PowerPoint and prayer/reflection for a group.

Additional resources:

A Prayer for Peace in Syria (CRS download)

Refugees and Catholic Social Teaching – Michigan Catholic Conference

Video Reflection

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1. Learn    2. Plan    3. Reflect    4. Advocate 5. Floor Plan